Dental Services

Dental Services

Morris Animal Hospital offers complete dentistry services for your pet, including routine prophylaxis, dental radiography, and endodontics. According to the American Veterinary Dental Association, 85% of dogs and cats develop periodontal disease after the age of two, causing:

  • Foul breath
  • Painful inflammation and recession of the gums
  • Unsightly and irritating tartar buildup
  • Dangerous infection of the heart valves and internal organs

A pet receiving regular, professional dental care will live a longer and healthier life!

Oral SurgeryA view inside our dental operatory. We offer a full array of dental services, including routine cleanings, dental radiology, extractions, sophisticated endodontics, and root canals.

Healthy Teeth in a GoldenA normal, healthy mouth in a 6 month old Golden Retriever.

Stage 1 Peridontal DiseaseStage 1 Periodontal Disease in a cat. This gingivitis, while uncomfortable, is reversible with proper professional and home care. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jan Bellows, DAVDC)

Stage 2 Periodontal DiseaseStage 2 Periodontal Disease. Note the painful pocket that has developed secondary to gingivitis and bone loss. With proper treatment, this tooth can be saved.  (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jan Bellows, DAVDC)

Stage 3 Periodontal DiseaseStage 3 Periodontal Disease. The infection has invaded the ligament that fixes the tooth to the bone, and the bone around crown erodes as the bacteria invades. At this stage, in animals as in people, deep cleaning and sometimes gum surgery can still halt the disease and the tooth may be saved.

End Stage Periodontal DiseaseEnd Stage Periodontal Disease. This dog has foul breath, constant mouth pain, and is at risk for developing serious infection in his internal organs. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jan Bellows, DAVDC)

Fractured canine tooth Fractured canine tooth with exposed pulp cavity. This condition is a dental emergency.(Photo courtesy of Dr. Jan Bellows, DAVDC)

Discoloration of the toothDiscoloration of the tooth represents damage to the sensitive nerve and blood supply, causing pain and threatening the viability of the tooth. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jan Bellows, DAVDC)

Tumors arising from the gum tissueTumors arising from the gum tissue can be painful and may pose a serious health risk. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Jan Bellows, DAVDC)

dental X-raysThis picture illustrates the importance of taking dental X-rays. The X-ray shows a normal tooth root (green) and a painful tooth root abscess (red) Our patients can’t tell us where they hurt!